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Fast filtering and back projection for CT image reconstruction

© 2020 A. V. Dolmatova1,2, D. P. Nikolaev1

Institute for Information Transmission Problem RAS 127051 Moscow, B. Karetny per., 19, Russia
Smart Engines Ltd, 117312 Moscow, pr. 60-letiya Oktybrya, 9, Russia

Received 13 Sep 2019

Filtered back projection is a common method for the tomographic images reconstruction. The classical implementation of the algorithm requires operations, where N is the characteristic linear size of the image. In this paper, we propose methods for reducing the computational complexity of the algorithm to additions and multiplications; whereas the previously proposed methods require multiplications. We show that the convolution operation with a symmetric filter can be approximated by successive application of two coupled IIR filters. A discrete method for fast calculating the inverse Radon transform is demonstrated. It allows to accelerate the back projection operation

Key words: computed tomography, fast filtering, fast convolution-, inverse Radon transform, IIR filterd

DOI: 10.31857/S0235009220010072

Cite: Dolmatova A. V., Nikolaev D. P. Uskorenie svertki i obratnogo proetsirovaniya pri rekonstruktsii tomograficheskikh izobrazhenii [Fast filtering and back projection for ct image reconstruction]. Sensornye sistemy [Sensory systems]. 2020. V. 34(1). P. 64–71 (in Russian). doi: 10.31857/S0235009220010072


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