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1-point RANSAC for axial rotation angle estimation by tomographic projections

© 2020 M. O. Chekanov, O. S. Shipitko, E. I. Ershov

Institute for Information Transmission Problems IITP RAS 127051 Moscow, Bolshoy Karetnyy Pereulok 19, Russia
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (National Research University) 141701 Moscow region, Dolgoprudny, Institutskiy Pereulok 9, Russia

Received 25 Sep 2019

This paper presents a RANSAC-based algorithm for determining the axial rotation angle of an object from a pair of its tomographic projections. An equation is obtained for calculating the rotation angle using one correct keypoints match of two tomographic projections. The proposed algorithm includes following steps: keypoints detection and matching, rotation angle estimation for all matches, inliers selection with the RANSAC algorithm, finally, refining resulting angle by minimizing the Sampson’s distance for the remaining matches. To validate the proposed method an experimental comparison against methods based on analysis of the distribution of the angles computed from all matches is conducted.

Key words: circular motion estimation, camera circular motion, visual odometry, relative motion estimation, RANSAC, computed tomography, digital X-ray imaging

DOI: 10.31857/S0235009220010060

Cite: Chekanov M. O., Shipitko O. S., Ershov E. I. Odnotochechnyi ransac dlya otsenki velichiny osevogo vrashcheniya obekta po tomograficheskim proektsiyam [1-point ransac for axial rotation angle estimation by tomographic projections]. Sensornye sistemy [Sensory systems]. 2020. V. 34(1). P. 72–86 (in Russian). doi: 10.31857/S0235009220010060


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