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Volume 10 #3


  1. The phosphorylation of proteins of bovine retinal rod outer segment axoneme
  2. Centrifugal nerve in the grass-snake’s retina
  3. Structure of receptive fields of retinal ganglion cells of the on-type in the frog Rana temporaria L. and morphology of dendritic arborization
  4. Manifestation of binaural release from the forward masking in evoked potentials of the guinea pig inferior colliculus
  5. Crowding-effect for different surroundings and different spacings between test stimuli and distractors
  6. Prenatad audiometry and functional states of the foetus estimation
  7. «Normal vision»: variability of clinical parameters and its possible origin
  8. Detection of Moving Acceleration by the dolphin’s Sonar
  9. Analysis of light communication mechanism of fireflies Luciola mingrelica (Coleoptera, Lampiridae). III. Principles of recognition of light communication signals
  10. Influence of vision stimuli upon variation of acoustic emission in moth (Amphipira perflua: Noctuidae)
  11. Centrifugal nerve in the grass-snake’s retina
  12. Comparative evaluation of efficiency of amino acid as sensory stimuli for the newt pleurodeles waltl: analysis on smelling behavior
  13. Purification and biochemical analysis of nevel secretory 28-kDa protein from rat olfactory epithelium
  14. Response thresholds of young roach (Rutilus rutilus L) and dase (Leuciscus Leuciscus L.) to accelleration pulsations in water flow
  15. Inhibitory areas and frequency characteristics of central auditory neurons
  16. Method for estimation of smooth tracing eye movements