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Volume 9 #2-3


  1. Frequency of chemosensory testing movements in the newt, pleurodeles waltl and changes by mechanical stimulation (individual and group statistical parameters)
  2. Responses of newts, pleurodeles waltl to arginine and tryptophan of different concentration in tape water and on amino acid background (analysis of buccal movementsfrequency)
  3. An atomic model of the receptor recognition site of periplanone B, the sex pheromone of american cockroach
  4. Distinguishing of binary odor mixtures and simple odorants by cypriform fishes. Study with conditioned cardial reflex method
  5. Intensity as a sign of the odorous stimulus for fish
  6. Olfactory recognition by dogs of mixes of three higher fatty acids on their quantitative contents
  7. Orientation of ants’ in a maze after its rotation in the horizontal plane
  8. On peculiarities of human perception of flat reflections of three-dimensional space
  9. Priority of the stimuli evoking rheoresponse in a carp Leuciscus leuciscus (L.)
  10. Subject dependent perception under homogeneous retinal illumination
  11. Ambiguity in the influence of the bright surrounding annulus on the result of binocular rivalry
  12. Geometrical illusions and a spatial information filtering
  13. Sensitivity of casual and acupuncture auricula spots in healthy subjects
  14. Weber's law fails for size discrimination of two-dimension contour images
  15. The models of constant visual perception. I. The projective-invariant representation of the smooth objects
  16. Molecular aspects of signal transduction in photoreceptors of vertebrates: sowe new facts, possible alternative mechanisms