Procedure for peer reviewing the manuscripts submitted for publication in the “Sensory systems” journal

All manuscripts submitted for publication in the journal are peer reviewed by two independent experts using double-blind procedure (the article is sent to reviewers without names or contact information of the authors; reviewers’ comments are sent to the author without disclosing the reviewers’ identity).

The Editorial Board makes a final decision whether to publish the manuscript after the peer reviews and authors’ answers are received. The authors may suggest two to three reviewers for their manuscript, but the final selection of reviewers is done by Editorial Board. The Editorial Board may ask authors to revise the paper according to the reviewers’ recommendations. The Editorial Board may refuse the article if it does not match the journal scientific fields or is unsatisfactory in terms of scientific content or technical performance.

Reviews are sent to the authors with a reasoned conclusion (“accept”, “revise” or “refuse”). In case of the "revise" conclusion authors have to submit the revised manuscript in three months, otherwise it is considered as a new manuscript.

Peer reviews and Editorial Board’s conclusions are stored in the publishing and editorial office for 5 years.