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Spectral model of a single-channel X-ray measuring instruments with polychromatic radiation

© 2019 A. S. Ingacheva

Institute for Information Transmission Problem RAS, 127051 Moscow, B. Karetny per., 19, Russia

Received 12 Feb 2019

In this paper we study the model of the optical path in devices which measure transmission coefficient of the objects for X-Ray emission. These devices include transmission tomographs, X-Ray microscopes and other X-Ray related devices. In the task of CT this model describes “Beam hardening” effect which occurs when polychromatic probe is used. We introduce function of the integral attenuation of the polychromatic beam and discuss its relation with equations for correction of polyenergetic ray sums. The model is implemented as python package “XRayUtil” with open source. This package is used to model spectral distribution of the emission for X-Ray tubes with different anodes (chrome, cuprum, molibden, silver, wolfram and others if user provides properties of the emission). With this package one can simulate presence of the filters of different thickness and material according to its chemical description. This functionality is implemented using XRAYLIB package. Using this one can estimate attenuation of the probing beam with objects of defined size and material using specific filters. The model includes single-channel detectors of the X-Ray emission with scintillators which are described with equations for spectral scintillator efficiency and spectral detector sensitivity. The used mathematical model evaluates emission attenuation only due to absorption and does not count reflection, diffraction and fluorescence. To evaluate quality of the simulated data we used experimental data from the laboratory microtomograph constructed and located in FSRC “Crystallography and Photonics” RAS. In the paper we estimate difference between experimental and simulated data and provide approximation of the function of the integral attenuation for the polychromatic emission for different anodes and objects.

Key words: X-Ray optical path, cupping effect, beam hardening, polychromatic X-Rays, integral attenuation of a polychromatic X-Rays, polyenergetic ray sum, correction formulas of polyenergetic ray sums

DOI: 10.1134/S0235009219030028

Cite: Ingacheva A. S. Spektralnaya model signala odnokanalnykh rentgenovskikh izmeritelnykh priborov, ispolzuyushchikh polikhromaticheskoe zondiruyushchee izluchenie [Spectral model of a single-channel x-ray measuring instruments with polychromatic radiation]. Sensornye sistemy [Sensory systems]. 2019. V. 33(3). P. 212-221 (in Russian). doi: 10.1134/S0235009219030028


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