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Volume 8 #3-4


  1. Otolyth of cyclos sromatas and fishes: evolution and some quantitativ relation shin
  2. A cyclic-AMP-gated conductance in cochlear hair cells of quinea rig
  3. Potassium currents in mammalian vestibular nair cells
  4. Sensory cells of the fish ear – a hairy enigma
  5. Structural diversity in the lateral line system of antarctic fish: adaptive or non-ad adaptive?
  6. Vision in Limulus
  7. Morphological control of synaptic efficacy in vertebrate photoreceptors and electroreceptors of the ampullas of lorenzini
  8. Phototransduction in limulus ventral photoreceptors requires more than light-induced calcium release
  9. Optical properties and compartmentalization of the ocular medium of the compound eye
  10. Polychromatic vision in mantis shrimps
  11. Functional morphology of time coding systems
  12. A vertebrate ultraviolet-sensitive visual pigment: localization, structure, and spectral tuning
  13. Near-field acoustic detection. 1. Field features relevant to lateral line and inner ear
  14. Zight hazard to the eye structures. Crystaline lens as A natural protective filter and of target to photodamage
  15. Possble Role of Electroreception in the Behavior Weakly Electric Fishes
  16. The jamming avoidance response (JAR) of the electric fish, Eigemmannia: the processing of sensory information and motor control
  17. Directional information processing in the cercal system of insects
  18. Anatomical and physiological plasticity of tubercle electroreceptors
  19. Auditory mechanisms in dolphins
  20. On the isl of information whish was processed in the classic centere of de auditory system and in the integrative structures
  21. The sense of hearing in fishes: psychophysics and neurophysiology
  22. Interation of peripheral and central inputs in the mormyrid electrosensory lobe
  23. Some unusual properties of receptive fields and orientation tuning of units in the cat striate cortex

Directional information processing in the cercal system of insects

© 1994 G. I. Rogkova

Cite: Rogkova G. I. Pererabotka informatsii o napravlenii v tserkalnoi sisteme nasekomykh [Directional information processing in the cercal system of insects]. Sensornye sistemy [Sensory systems]. 1994. V. 8(0). P. 184-199 (in Russian).