• 1987 (Vol.1)

Visual neurons of fish tectum opticum, their extracellular spike activity and search for their adequate stimulation

© 2021 A. A. Zaichikova, I. Damjanovic, P. V. Maximov, A. T. Aliper, E. M. Maximova

Institute for Information Transmission Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 127051 Moscow, Bolshoy Karetny per., 19, Russia

Received 02 Nov 2020

Tectum opticum (TO) of different animals is known to guide their external attention that is crucial for the organization of behavioral responses. In fish, TO is a main primary visual center. Vast majority of retinal ganglion cells (98%) (GCs) send their signals there, as inputs to tectal neurons proper. The responses of the retinal GCs (from the axonal terminals) and the tectal neurons (TN) (probably from the cell bodies) were recorded extracellularly in the TO of a living adult fish (Carassius auratus gibelio). Four types of directional selective TN (DS TN) were described at different (certain) depths in TO. In addition to them, rare sporadic neuronal spikes were recorded simultaneously with the responses of caudo-rostral DS GCs, i.e. rather superficially. These responses occur during stimulation in any place of a large area, are not directional selective and presumably belong to superficial inhibitory neurons (SIN) situated in stratum opticum of TO. To evoke the regular responses to repeat stimulation we tried a lot of stimuli configurations. At last we succeed. We compare our electrophysiological results with ones obtained by many authors with diverse methods on zebrafish larvae. According to our results we identify DS TN with glutamatergic periventricular tectal interneurons, and “SIN” – with superficial inhibitory GABA-ergic interneurons, that participate in selection of the main (popout) object in the visual field and drawing attention to it.

Key words: tectum opticum, fish, vision, retina, directional selectivity, tectal neurons

DOI: 10.31857/S0235009221010108

Cite: Zaichikova A. A., Damjanovic I., Maximov P. V., Aliper A. T., Maximova E. M. Neirony tectum opticum ryb, elektricheskaya aktivnost i podbor adekvatnoi stimulyatsii [Visual neurons of fish tectum opticum, their extracellular spike activity and search for their adequate stimulation]. Sensornye sistemy [Sensory systems]. 2021. V. 35(1). P. 11–21 (in Russian). doi: 10.31857/S0235009221010108


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