• 2021 (Vol.35)

Development of functional impairments in the lateral geniculate nucleus of di erent hemispheres following early monocular deprivation

© 2017 S. V. Alekseenko, P. Yu. Shkorbatova

Pavlov Institute of Physiology RAS 199034 St-Petersburg, Makarov emb., 6

Received 28 Feb 2017

To study the development of impairments evoked by monocular deprivation, the functional activity in eye-specific layers of dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus (LGN) in kittens at 1–5 months of age was evaluated. Histochemical staining for cytochrome oxidase – a mitochondrial enzyme involved in energy production – was used to estimate functional activity in LGN. Using images of stained LGN sections the optical density in the layers of intact and deprived eyes was measured and the contrast K between them was calculated. For the rst time a relative increase of K-values in relation to norm levels was found in kittens at the age of two months in the hemisphere ipsilateral to deprived eye and at the age of three months in the opposite hemisphere. At the age of ve months K-values in both hemispheres were not di erent. Obtained changes of K were not dependent on eccentricity in the visual eld. Revealed data show that in LGN the critical period of plasticity for uncrossed pathways starts earlier than for crossed.

Key words: cat, monocular deprivation, lateral geniculate nucleus, cytochrome oxidase

Cite: Alekseenko S. V., Shkorbatova P. Yu. Razvitie funktsionalnykh narushenii v naruzhnom kolenchatom tele raznykh polusharii pri rannei monokulyarnoi deprivatsii [Development of functional impairments in the lateral geniculate nucleus of di erent hemispheres following early monocular deprivation]. Sensornye sistemy [Sensory systems]. 2017. V. 31(3). P. 183-190 (in Russian).


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